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All of my offerings are grounded in compassion, creativity, and authenticity. I am not someone to make you believe that grief is a “journey,” that this has a “destination,” or that this pain will soon “end.” Grief is naturally a life-long process that is unique to every individual, and it changes over time.  Oftentimes, grief support means bearing witness to the pain that is present without trying to change it or make it “better.” 

The therapeutic arts (painting, drawing, crafting, journaling, photography) have been a way for me to survive my own grief + losses. Having a creative outlet in my life helps me feel settled and calm whenever the waves of loss sets in. 

Find your balance, energy & guidance the natural way.

About Me

I am here to support you to build roots to walk alongside your grief. Witnessing loss is like a relationship with no timeline, or expectations, and cannot be “solved” or fixed. Grief can be nourished with people and words, and from those things, you and your heart already know how to do.

Mission & Vision

Grief is hard enough to do it alone, and I want to offer authentic and creative support to people who want to grow and embrace their experiences with loss.

My vision is to guide people to find their inner peace and grow with their grief through creativity and community.

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